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Describing the music from "Rituals" is a bit difficult since it is a mix of classical writing, jazz evocations and world colorations. ‘Crossover’ would best characterize this style.  But also ‘scenographic’ or ‘cinematic’ are suitable qualifiers.

6 tracks have been set to images ...

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Rituals : scenographic music by Claude E. Janssens

performed by

Claude Janssens :

bass clarinet, tenor trombone, alto saxophone, trumpet or flugelhorn, electric guitar, synthesizers (& some choirs)

​Margaret Hermant, Jean-François Durdu, Marine Horbacewski : violin, viola, cello

​François Henri-Aubin : piano

​Patrick Burton & Baudouin Liénart : bass synth & bass guitar

​Patrick Burton & various sampled Musicians : percussion synth, frame drum & percussions samples

​under the name of  "The Janssens Flexible Ensemble"​ (variable geometry orchestra)

Mastering : Christian Martin at Attic Studio, Brussels Cover design by Miles Janssens (www.minutemood.be)​