Composition, bass  and alto clarinet

flugelhorn, trumpet & trombone


album to be released in 2020. When jazz, funk, urban meet electronics via synths, drums machines, samples, the whole thing leaded by a flugelhorn and a sax. A mesmerizing world to explore...

Composed by C.E.J.

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Close up 5

Crossover jazz

album "Instants" released in nov. 2017.    A jazz that sounds like soundtrack music, full of melodic lines emotionnally intense, played by a quintet with bass clarinet, trumpet, piano, double bass and drums. 


Composed by C.E.J.

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Urban soul-jazz

album "polyMorphosis" to be released in 2020. A cocktail of jazz, soul, groove, urban, with 4 singers and 6 instrumen-talists, where original themes by Claude E. Janssens are blended with variations on jazz standards being set in new harmonic situations.

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Composed by C.E.J.

Blue world

World jazz

A bass clarinet, a flugelhorn, an oud, a piano, a double bass  and 2 tablas for enchanting journeys from East to West, via a lane of jazzy blue notes. Album to be released in dec.2020.

(A Home Records production).

A Blue World

Composed by C.E.J.


The album "Somewhere Anytime" should have known a release in 1998. But circumstances made that the project has remained a dead letter for 22 years. In 2020, at last, the three members of the group decided to release their 12 songs...

montage - s09 - ajout lettrages.jpg

Composed by Sawbones' tree


Scenographic music

album "The clamor has set in" to be released in 2020. Misty landscapes enlighted by acoustic instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn, bass & alto clarinets, violin, cello) and electric guitar mixed with electronics, both in melodic and interferentials ways.

Composed by C.E.J.

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Composed by C.E.J.

C/E/J  +  6

Cinematic music

album "Ritualis" released in 2020, which replaces album "Rituals" released in 2013. Ritual scenes evoked by acoustic instruments (trombone, bass clarinet, sax, guitar, violin, alto, cello and piano) mixed with synthesizers and samples in a lyric way.

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Claude Janssens
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A jazz record for sure, but a jazz that, installed in the center of this music, would stand on tiptoe? This is how its leader, Claude Evence Janssens, introduces Instants when he defines himself as "a jazzman who would not really be that one". Composer of the entire album, Janssens is, moreover, a surprising instrumentalist since he plays trombone-flugelhorn but also bass clarinet, paradoxically marrying mouthpiece and reed within a album that binds bursts of fanfare to the potential of the bop and what ensued. In short, a nice success belonging, without discussion, to the (big) family of African-American music.   

PH. E.

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CLOSE UP 5 : here below an epic animated film by designer TaraM, realised for the track "Jasm"