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Claude Evence Janssens studied classical trombone with Guillaume Ackermans (professor at Royal Music Conservatory of Liège). The saxophone was, at that time, his second instrument. Since his comeback on the scene in 2013 Claude mainly plays bass clarinet, alto clarinet, flugelhorn and trumpet, the trombone having become a secondary instrument.


Regarding his composition work, Claude is mostly autodidact, though he did obtain a Master in musicology at the University

of Brussels, and undertook a study of contemporary musical analysis with the belgian contemporary music composer Karel Goeyvaerts.


Claude Evence Janssens is the composer of various concepts and groups, such as

CLOSE UP 5   >  CLEVJA collective  >  A BLUE WORLD  >  C/E/J + 6   >  C·E·J writings  >  e-JAZ  >  ...

In the past

Claude Evence Janssens has been the composer of various concepts and groups, as


In the Ginza

“Trombone yourself!”  ("Trombone toi-même !") toured during the first half of the 1990s, playing compositions by Claude Janssens, with Anouk Ganzevoort, Pierre Lognay, Frouch Dailly, Didier Fontaine and a brass section.


Trombone yourself !
Sawbones' tree

“Switchcraft” toured from the end of the eighties to the first half of the nineties in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, playing compositions by Claude Janssens and Geoff Leigh, using sequencers and drum machines. Here you can listen to a live performance at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival.


“In the Ginza” toured in Europe and Belgium during the 1980’s playing compositions by Claude Janssens and Baudouin Liénart.  The musicians were Jane Saul, Pierre Vervloesem, Christian Genet, Marc Van Eyck and there was also a brass section.  In the Ginza won the Rock this town contest in 1985 and received the Marcel Hicter prize, issued by the CFB.


“Sawbones' tree" did recordings in the second half of the 90’s for an album that didn’t see the light of day before 2020 ! The music is composed by Claude Janssens and Baudouin Liénart with lyrics and vocals by Véro Dumont.


From 2000 to 2013, Claude Janssens devoted himself entirely to his responsibilities as director, then CEO of “La Médiathèque” (a non-profit network of media libraries in the Walloon Region and Brussels.)

This was a very demanding task that put his musical activities almost completely on hold. In 2012, after having been assured that the public authorities would continue sponsoring the media libraries (now bearing the new name of PointCulture) until 2017, Claude Janssens left his job to return to music, full time.

Claude janssens is president of the non-profit association ARS MUSICA, who works for the dissemination of contemporary music including the organization of a biennal music festival in Brussels.

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