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Recorded and mixed by at

Sunny Side Inc studios, Brussels, 2018-2019


Mastered by John Davis

at Metropolis studios, London

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CLaude EVence JAnssens :


bass clarinet

alto clarinet




Fabrizio Graceffa : guitar

Lode Wickx : keyboards

Federico Pecoraro : bass

Jérôme Baudart : drums


Brussels Vocal Project

Anu Junonnen : mezzo

Elsa Grégoire : alto

Leander Moens : tenor

François Vaiana : baritone

Dedicated to the music of Duke Ellington, Jungle period

P o l y M o r p h o s i s   [Urban jazz trip]   is a patchwork made of jazz, soul, funk, gospel, organised on the basis of themes composed by CLaude EVence JAnssens, blended with variations on jazz standards, paraphrases of J.S.Bach and influences of various blues guitar players, groovy bass players and funky drummers, with the contribution of singers and instrumentalists gathered around the project.
A surprising interpenetrations game where standards themes take unexpected forms over the variations which they are subjected and depending on the new harmonic context in which they appear. The whole thing is overhanging a groovy background tinged with jungle-jazz and brass band tones.

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