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Orkestrom recordings


ORKESTROM recordings est le label qu'a créé Claude Janssens en 2013 pour éditer certains de ses projets.


Le site ORKESTROM fait par ailleurs rappel de productions antérieures à 2013, produites par d'autres labels.



The spirit of the label :


ORKESTROM Recordings & Distribution is a non-profit organisation that aims to produce, release and promote musical compositions that originate from diversified invention and expression through melodic, rhythmic, harmonic, structural or poetic research, opposed to "muzak".


​Moreover, ORKESTROM favours a mixture of styles and periods, in the spirit of  "transverse popular music" that characterises the label (not without the influence of baroque, impressionist or contemporary music).


​ORKESTROM  X  is a subdivision of ORKESTROM, devoted to post-serialist compositions, notably electronic & ‘x-perimental’ music.

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