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du Mal

by Volodymyr Melnyk  - détourage s01.png

d'après des poèmes de
Charles Baudelaire

musique de              
Claude Evence  - 

12 poems set to music by Claude Evence on the album "12 Fleurs du Mal" released in  2021 (200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Baudelaire).

All instruments and voices by Claude Evence.

Album available online via all platforms, and on CD via FNAC, Amazon, etc.

Label SOOND / ref. SND 21019 (Outhere/Naxos distribution).

Imagine the music of twelve sublime poems by Baudelaire, chosen from a few hundred other equally fascinating ones. A musical adornment thought out not in the soft or melancholic way which often illustrates the texts of a poetic nature, but rather in an intense, passionate, tumultuous way, in the mood of what was the temperament of the author of Les Fleurs du Mal, cursed poet par excellence, or, one might say: whom an excellence in the insubordination transformed into a cursed poet.

2 first videos ...

vignette 01 - Le serpent qui danse.jpg

VIDEO  "Le serpent qui danse", from pop-rock

album "12 Fleurs du Mal"  (Baudelaire)   

VIDEO  "Ciel brouillé", de l'album pop-rock

"12 Fleurs du Mal"  (Baudelaire)      

vignette 01_edited.jpg

VIDEO  "Ciel brouillé", from pop-rock album

"12 Fleurs du Mal"  (Baudelaire)      

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