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Blue World

Five musicians from different musical backgrounds and yet close meet around compositions of one of them, bringing out of this music the dimensions of nostalgia, mystery and also joyous exultation it conceals.


Melodies, harmonies and rhythms that develop together these instrumentalists from the music of Claude Evence Janssens can not be deduced precisely which countries are their source. But you could probably recognize the influence of the Middle East in its meeting with the blue notes of jazz and blues ..



Through this mixture of genres the musical atmospheres evoke alternately meditation, lyricism, blues, euphoria ... through an original instrumentation: bass clarinet, alto clarinet, flugelhorn, trumpet (Claude Evence Janssens), piano and electric piano (Catherine Smet), Kamal Abdul Malak (oud), double bass (Vincent Noiret), tablas (Sandip Banerjee).



In the end, Blue World Quartet sets up a path of emotional intensity, introspective journeys and imaginary trips that elicit evasion, exploration, the dreamy or singing evocation of images of our world. And it's a blue, blue world...

Blue World Quintet - cropped and compres
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Claude Evence Janssens studied classical trombone and then turned various non-classical genres, with the saxophone as a second instrument. Passionate about baroque or contemporary music as well as jazz, funk, soul, rhythm and blues, he created groups with the most diverse tendencies to play his compositions (In the Ginza- Marcel Hichter prize of the French Community of Belgium -, Trombone Yourself!, SWAT, ...) with concerts in many European countries,  and played jazz and alternative music with various bands (notably in duo with saxophonist Geoff Leigh). Having then devoted himself to the direction of a cultural enterprise for nearly fifteen years, he returned fully to music in 2013, adopting bass clarinet, alto clarinet, flugelhorn and trumpet as principal instruments. "The bass clarinet of Claude Evence Janssens breathes out subtle moods full of mystery, lyricism, nostalgia but also sometimes fever," wrote belgian jazz critic Jacques Prouvost.


Catherine Smet is a pianist, with classical and jazz training. She began her classical studies at the conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp and then studied with Arnould Massart, Michel Debrulle, Fabrizio Cassol and Barre Phillips. In Cuba and Buenos Aires she studied Afro-Cuban and Latin music. She has been part of bands with very different musical styles, from improvised music to contemporary jazz (with musicians such as Michael Moore, Peter Jaqmain or Bart Maris), alternative rock (with Guy Segers and Michel Delville) or world-music (with the Rythmiss). She also plays in the group "Tango 02", the trio "Urbango", the trio "Barrio Latino" or the trio "Rueda Libre". 2015 saw the birth of a first solo album entitled "IluSioneS" (with the support of Sabam for Culture 2015). It consists of a dozen pieces on the piano.


Kamal Abdul Malak was born in Beirut and arrived very young in France. He began classical guitar at age 8 and continued his musical studies at the National Conservatory of Lyon, in the class of the Peruvian guitarist Jesùs Castro-Balbi, where he won a First Prize of classical guitar and musical culture. To enrich his musical horizons, he moved to Belgium in 2006 and perfected with Raphaella Smits and Odaïr Assad. He successively obtained a Master degree in classical guitar at the Lemmens Instituut Leuven and a didactic Master at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. Kamal Abdul-Malak participates in several chamber music ensembles with guitar and is a member of the international guitar orchestra Diversus Guitar Ensemble. He is also the guitarist and oudist of the ensemble Convivencia Mosa (traditional music of the Mediterranean). Kamal Abdul Malak is also a teacher of classical guitar and accompanying guitar at various music schools in Brussels.


Vincent Noiret began his training as an autodidact, then took jazz lessons in academy with Nathalie Loriers and Pierre VanDormael. In 1996, he joined the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel in the class of Bart De Nolf. It is in traditional music that he will be most involved, participating as a bassist but also as a composer or arranger in many projects with renowned musicians from the Belgian scene (Didier Laloy, Luc Pilartz, Pascal Chardome, Jowan Merckx, Ialma, Photis Ionatos, Steve Houben, and in the groups Ialma or Tangram). The Traces and Tricycle groups are the fruit of his meeting with Philippe Laloy, Tuur Florizoone, or Karim Baggili. He also made arrangements in French song for Stéphanie Blanchoud, whom he accompanied. Vincent Noiret is currently working as a duet with Italian singer and percussionist Emanuela Lodato as Nisia.


Sandip Banerjee : Pupil of the most prominent tabla gurus, Sandip began his apprenticeship at the age of seven. Due to his remarkable abilities, he was awarded a national scholarship from the Government of India to continue his studies (including twenty years of advanced training with Guru Pandit Sanjoy Mukherjee). These learnings took place in the Indian tradition of "Sadhana" and in the spirit of aesthetic improvement dedicated to mastering the subtlest nuances of tabla. Sandip's temperament is reflected in his soulful playing style. In India, he is known for the quality of his accompaniment and powerful solo performance. He regularly appears on TV and radio with the greatest artists in the country. Moreover, his musical curiosity leads him to great openness to various non-Indian music. He lives in Calcutta but is frequently staying in Europe were he gives concerts as well as he teaches tabla, via lessons and masterclasses.



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