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Can it be

you that

I hear ?

Invictuspoem by William Ernest Henley
The light of other dayspoem by Thomas Moore
Ô Captain! my Captain!poem by Walt Whitman

Recorded and mixed at
J-Ph Collard-Neven
studio, Brussels, 2020-2022

Beyond the last lamppoem by Thomas Hardy
Jenny kiss'd mepoem by Leigh Hunt

Kris Belligh :

all voices

Claude Evence Janssens :


bass clarinet

alto clarinet



Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven


Amôn string quartet :

Aymeric de Villoutreys

Julien Poli

Éva Pusker

Anne-Gabrielle Lia-Aragnouet

Adrien Tyberghein :

double bass

The voicepoem by Thomas Hardy
Madam Life's a piece in bloompoem by W.E.Henley
Twicepoem by Christina Rossetti
Three men of Gothampoem by Thomas L. Peacock
Songpoem by Christina Rossetti
In time of the breaking of nationspoem by T. Hardy
Beyond the last lamp - 03 - recadrée.jpg
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