Discover a musical path fulfilled through number

of active and ongoing

projects of distinctive density

spanning multiple genres


e-JAZ - bis.jpg

VIDEO  "Avoiding the tangent", vocalise version,

prefiguring electro jazz album "Worlds", 2021

Miniature Tribute - 02 - corr.01.jpg

VIDEO  "Tribute to the victims" , released on feb.

6, 2021,   on the occasion  of the  memorial day

devoted to migrants dead in Mediterranean Sea.


VIDEOS from other projects :

Polymorphosis - miniature 04.jpg

VIDEO  "Sentimental sonata in a cool mood"

from urban jazz album "PolyMorphosis", 2020

B - Image pochette ext. B_déf.bmp

Other videos from "PolyMorphosis" album

Miniature pour Cantus 05 sur You Tube -

VIDEO  "Cantus"

from cinematic music album "Ritualis", 2020


Other videos from "Ritualis" album

Les Cliquets_000000.jpeg

VIDEO  "Tribute to the victims"

from narrative jazz album "Instants", 2017

VIDEO  "Cold in Lismore"

from pop-rock album "SWAT ", 1997

Cover - basse résolution - 800x800 pour

Other videos from

"SomeWhere AnyTime" album

jasm 04 bis.jpg

VIDEO  "Jasm"

from narrative jazz album "Instants", 1997

Close up 5 - montage photo pochette

Other videos from Instants" album

CLEVJA collective

& Brussels Vocal Project



Close up 5


Crossover jazz

Blue World

'Blue notes

 on a world-map'





C·E·J  writings

'Flashes of lights

 in a slow tear'

 Scenographic music

C/E/J  +  6


Cinematic music

Sawbones' tree

'Somewhere Anytime'